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Internet Security Outweighs Customer Service


Internet Security Outweighs Customer Service

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Title: Internet Security Outweighs Customer Service
Author: Rob Miley
Date: 3/26/02

If you have visited Meramec’s computer lab (BA 208) then there is a good chance that you have experienced poor customer service. Customer service? Well, I would consider anyone purchasing educational courses from an institution a customer. Others may disagree and say you are an inmate. In regards to the computer lab there is a noticeable lack of respect and kindness towards students than in the past.

Sparked by an F.B.I. investigation involving tasteless emails, the college has intensified its security procedures involving computer usage. Notice the word computer. It is true that the extra security has been put into place to safeguard against wayward Internet use, but in the process has put a heavy burden on those who wish to use non-Internet applications. Meanwhile, the college has turned technical support people into technical “security guards” without any additional training.

From what I have seen these individuals could use some anger management training. Drunk with power, some individuals would rather yell at you than provide customer service.An instance I can recall of power drunkenness is when one of the workers (we will call him “Virgil”) was yelling at a Systems Analysis instructor (we will call him “Daniel”). This tirade that “Virgil” displayed was over some of the students not having ID’s to use the computers during reserved lab for the class. The instructor could have easily vouched for the handful of students he needed to teach in the lab. Instead the utter arrogance that “Virgil” displayed kept the students from receiving the education that they paid for. What made the situation even more appalling was that “Virgil” showed physical aggressiveness toward “Daniel”. All the while repeating something to the extent of that he only follows the rules and does not make them.

The moral of this story is that you will not only be harassed and overly burdened for a service you have paid for, but you may also put your physical being in jeopardy by visiting Meramec’s computer lab in room BA 208. Of course the college could devise a better system for Internet and computer usage. But, then what would the PC bullies do then?


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