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So, what's new?

If you are with a student paper then we would like to hear from you. Send us any new events that have taken place in your school to the address below.

In this section we have provided recent events and happenings from local schools. Along with these events, we will announce any new site features and additions here as well.

2/18/02 - Angry students get together. Find out how this site came about.
After various concerns were brought up in a friendly conversation the idea for this site was born. Creating a place where students can truly voice their opinions about problems they have encountered seemed to be a grand idea. The forum for these opinions would be this web site.

3/07/02 - Development of the St. Louis Student Watch began.
With only a few weeks of bouncing ideas back and forth in our spare time, we have assembled some preliminary specifications for the web site. We have put together some prototype pages as well as basic graphical layout of the sections. There has not been a launch date set, but it looks like sometime in the summer will be a good time to unveil this site to the public.

4/08/02 - Programming and database issues are resolved.
Initially we had planned on hosting the site on UNIX servers using PHP, PERL and mySQL for our programming and database capabilities. After reviewing various hosting services we decided on a UNIX / MS environment hybrid instead. The development is going as planned and we should be running usability tests by May.

6/07/02 - Site is open for visitors!
After months of planning, designing, and testing the St. Louis Student Watch web site is now open. We hope that this site will be helpful for local college students and the general public. Help make this project a success by sharing your thoughts and opinions with others by submitting articles and posting messages in the discussion forums. Thanks for visiting and we hope that this community will continue to grow.

8/20/02 - Good luck in the upcoming Fall 2002 semester.
The St. Louis Student Watch wants to wish all students good luck for the upcoming Fall 2002 semester. We are slowly building relationships to help add more information to this web sit. If you are interested, please contact us.

1/05/03 - Happy New Year! Start preparing for a new semester
As 2002 gets underway, we wanted to remind students to get their studies going on the right track. Use this simple formula: 1) attend class, 2) complete assignments, and 3) study when needed. By doing this consistently any course can be passed with little stress and frustration. Best of Luck!

10/18/05 - Site Status
Well, it sure has been a long time since adding to this site. Actually, I was making the site non-database driven because of issues with the host. This site is really only used as for historical purposes.

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