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If you didn't already know, the articles on this site come from visitors such as yourself. These articles are used as a historical record of collegian experiences that educate current and future students as well as the public. Outlined below are the guidelines on how to write an article. Also provided is the address you must use to submit your article.

Guidelines for article submission:

  1. Article must be of original work
  2. Article should be 300 - 500 words in length
  3. Article should be void of grammatical and spelling errors
  4. Article must not be vulgar, defamatory, inaccurate, harassing, hateful, threatening, or violates any laws
  5. Article must be pertinent to this site's area of focus (i.e. an article on the migration of Canadian geese would be rejected)
  6. Article must be in MS Word, HTML, or text file format

Submission Address:

Please send your article submissions to If you have any questions regarding the submission process then you may use the address above as well.

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