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Title: New UMSL Fees for PAC are Unfeasible
Author: Casey Meyer
Date: 12/11/02

What is going on at UMSL? Now they want to charge students $10 more per semester for the new Performing Arts Center (PAC)? I didn't even know they were building one, since that doesn't catch my interests at all anyway. This is taxation without representation, people. Here is an idea:

Whenever they plan on building something non-academic that will cost students, let ALL students vote on whether it should be built. It is for us anyway, right? The student government may vote on some issues, but REGULAR students never get a say so (except to vote for student government officers, which is a sham anyway).

I know I am speaking for myself, but I am sure there are others out there who don't care for such a center and don't want more fees. Oh, and what do we get out of it? A huge 10% discount on activities at said center that is only available for up to two tickets and does not count in the summer unless a student is taking a summer class. I will never go there! Give me my ten damn dollars back and keep the center, or ban me from it. I don't care. It is unfair for them to tear up the campus, put parking garages in the farthest places from the buildings, and charge us up the ass for such things. I have had it with this school.

Even the Fox 2 News reporter Elliott Davis (You Paid For It) thinks this is a bad idea. If there were anything that students could do, it would be for a simple boycott of the new building. The logic that we should now go there because we are funding it makes sense. However, forcing the University to see its error in the next few years seems like a better, less conforming solution.


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